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Hudson River Community Sailing has developed and implemented an Accredited After School Program to teach math and science through sailing. A joint effort with the National Sailing Hall of Fame & Sailing Center is underway to implement the program in public schools.

Hudson River Community Sailing (HRCS) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to serving the financially at risk urban youth community of New York City, as well as providing recreational waterfront access to the residents of New York through sailing.  The HRCS youth mission is delivered through three cornerstone programs: Accredited After School Program, partners with Chelsea area public schools.  Students earn a math credit towards their high school graduation using the New York City waterfront and a curriculum of sailing and navigation as their classroom.  Summer Leadership Program, recruits participants from their partner public schools, to engage students in a week long leadership program.  Graduates of the program earn a physical education credit towards their school graduation.  Summer Internship Program, graduates of the Accredited After School Program apply for a four week job skills training program, teaching them the necessary job skills for future employment, along with the importance of community involvement and environmental appreciation.

HRCS also offers an array of adult recreational activities including certified sailing lessons, membership opportunities and competitive racing events that contribute directly to funding our youth mission programs.

Hudson River Accredited After School Program

Below are a couple of videos showing scenes from Hudson River's Spring Program:

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Young Mariners Foundation (formerly Stamford Sailing Foundation) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing academic and life skills achievement of low income students through after school and summer programs.

So far they have helped over 1,600 children achieve documented and substantial academic, behavioral and aspirational gains in school and out using Sailing as the motivator and the method.

Young Mariners teaches underserved children responsibility, teamwork, math, astronomy, the ecology and marine biology of Long Island Sound and leadership life-lessons both on and off the water. Their curriculum is based on the Connecticut State science, math and social studies standards. It's implemented through a combination of swimming, sailing, afterschool classroom activities and field trips.

Studies show that underachieving kids' academic achievement improves with the inspiration and motivation they gain from after-school and summer activities. It’s for this reason that Young Mariners’ mission of “Keeping Kids on Course” is now more critical than ever; and they are proving that their approach is both effective and efficient with results that will benefit their community for years to come.

Peter Gunn is the Program Director, a 30-year veteran of the Connecticut public school system. He prepared the following PowerPoint presentation detailing the Young Mariners curriculum.

Play Peter Gunn's PowerPoint on the Young Mariners Foundation


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