These books were generously donated by the estate of Walter Cronkite. Information is provided in each book listing so you can borrow the book from your local library. Enjoy.

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover Title: The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower Authors: C. Northcote Parkinson Rating: 0 Hits: 3257
cover Title: The Spanish Armada Authors: Jay, Williams Rating: 0 Hits: 3259
cover Title: Sail Trim: Theory And Practice Authors: Peter Hahne Rating: 0 Hits: 3260
cover Title: Sailing to Paradise Authors: Nukhet Anadol Rating: 0 Hits: 3274
cover Title: The Wine-Dark Sea Authors: Patrick O'Brian Rating: 0 Hits: 3275
cover Title: Sailing Yacht Design Authors: Robert G. Henry and Richards T. Miller Rating: 0 Hits: 3276
cover Title: Riptide Authors: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child Rating: 0 Hits: 3282
cover Title: Treasure Wreck: The Fortunes and Fate of the Pirate Ship Whydah Authors: Arthur T., II Vanderbilt Rating: 0 Hits: 3292
cover Title: The Lore Of Ships Authors: Rating: 0 Hits: 3302
cover Title: The Defeat of the Spanish Armade Authors: Garrett Mattingly Rating: 0 Hits: 3308
cover Title: Coastal Images of America Authors: Ray Ellis, Robert D. Ballard Rating: 0 Hits: 3329
cover Title: Cruising Guide to the New England Coast: Including the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and the Coast of New Brunswick Authors: Robert F. Duncan Rating: 0 Hits: 3351
cover Title: GREEK WATERS PILOT Authors: Rod Heikell Rating: 0 Hits: 3385
cover Title: Northwest Passage Authors: Kenneth Roberts Rating: 0 Hits: 3390
cover Title: Lighthouse Island: Our Family Escape Authors: Bill Baker Rating: 0 Hits: 3393
cover Title: Virgin Anchorages Authors: Simon Scott, Nancy Scott Rating: 0 Hits: 3401
cover Title: N by E Authors: Rockwell Kent Rating: 0 Hits: 3404
cover Title: Painters of the Sea Authors: David Cordingly Rating: 0 Hits: 3404
cover Title: Origins of Sea Terms Authors: John G. Rogers Rating: 0 Hits: 3423
cover Title: Journal of John Winthrop Authors: Clement C. Sawtell Rating: 0 Hits: 3428
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