These books were generously donated by the estate of Walter Cronkite. Information is provided in each book listing so you can borrow the book from your local library. Enjoy.

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover Title: Prize Game, The: Lawful Looting on the High Seas in the Days of Fighting Sail Authors: Donald A. Petrie Rating: 0 Hits: 2949
cover Title: The USS Essex: and the Birth of the American Navy Authors: Frances Diane Robotti, James Vescovi Rating: 0 Hits: 2953
cover Title: Unsolved Mysteries of Sea and Shore Authors: Edward Rowe Snow Rating: 0 Hits: 2954
cover Title: Storm Passage: Alone Around Cape Horn Authors: Webb Chiles Rating: 0 Hits: 2957
cover Title: The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor Authors: Gabriel Garcia Marquez Rating: 0 Hits: 2959
cover Title: The Safeguard of the Sea: A Naval History of Britain, 660-1649 (dust jacket only) Authors: N. A. M. Rodger Rating: 0 Hits: 2960
cover Title: The Riddle of the Sands Authors: Erskine Childers Rating: 0 Hits: 2965
cover Title: The Defeat of the Spanish Armade Authors: Garrett Mattingly Rating: 0 Hits: 2971
cover Title: The Whalebook Authors: Inc. the Center for Action on Endangered Species Rating: 0 Hits: 2976
cover Title: The Decorative Arts of the Mariner Authors: Gervis Frere-Cook (ed) Rating: 0 Hits: 2980
cover Title: The Sailor's World Authors: Arthur Beiser Rating: 0 Hits: 2983
cover Title: The Yellow Admiral (Vol. Book 18) (Aubrey/Maturin Novels) Authors: Patrick O'Brian Rating: 0 Hits: 2992
cover Title: The Maritime History Of Massachusetts, 1783-1860 (Northeastern classics edition) Authors: Samuel Eliot Morison Rating: 0 Hits: 2992
cover Title: The Universe Below Authors: William J Broad Rating: 0 Hits: 3006
cover Title: The Lighthouse (Dust jacket only) Authors: D. Witney Rating: 0 Hits: 3009
cover Title: The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition Authors: Caroline Alexander Rating: 0 Hits: 3010
cover Title: The Pirates (The Seafarers) Authors: Douglas Botting Rating: 0 Hits: 3018
cover Title: The Sea Beggars Authors: Cecelia Holland Rating: 0 Hits: 3022
cover Title: Traveler Authors: V.R. Lloyd Rating: 0 Hits: 3027
cover Title: The Colombo Bay Authors: Richard Pollak Rating: 0 Hits: 3034
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