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Title:      Sea Change
Categories:      The Walter Cronkite Collection
BookID:      323
Authors:      Sylvia Earle
ISBN-10(13):      0399140603
Publisher:      Putnam Adult
Number of pages:      361
Language:      Not specified
Rating:      0 
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Description:      Product Description
A record-breaking deep sea diver who dives in the sophisticated submersibles her company builds, reveals the current, urgent state of the endangered seas and offers a blueprint for change to save the world's most crucial natural resource. Review
What have we learned since 1951, when Rachel Carson's charming The Sea Around Us was published, winning so many hearts and the National Book Award? The sea below us, as pioneering marine biologist Sylvia Earle and others have demonstrated, churns with far more life than Carson ever dreamed. Sea Change is an enthusiastic celebration of that diversity and abundance. It's also a profoundly sobering account of the shortsighted human assault on ocean life. The "silent tide," as one reviewer wrote, may lie just offshore. Only a sea change in human habits and economies will save the oceans.

Like Carson, Earle carved a place for herself in the public imagination despite resistance from those in her male-dominated field. Her tales of underwater adventure--including many record-breaking dives among the 6,000 hours she has spent underwater--are punctuated by stories about her increasing prominence as an advocate for the oceans. She's seen it all, it seems: a year diving with whales in Hawaii, visits to Prince William Sound and the Persian Gulf in the aftermath of colossal oil spills, etc. Her breezy prose won't win her the National Book Award, but few others wear Rachel Carson's mantle as gracefully. That is reason enough to read Sea Change. --Pete Holloran

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