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Tom Morris Library: An Island Out of Time : A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake
Title:      An Island Out of Time : A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake
BookID:      213
Authors:      Tom Horton
ISBN-10(13):      0393039382
Publisher:      W. W. Norton & Company
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      316
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
A small island home to five hundred watermen and their families, Smith Island is the subject of an elegant study about a community that has stayed true to its past while witnessing the decline of the natural wonders surrounding it in Chesapeake Bay. Tour.
Amazon.com Review
Although the archipelago known as Smith Island sits in Chesapeake Bay, just off Maryland's eastern shore, it is in some ways a place lost in time and space. Lacking a police force, a high school, or a hospital, it still carries the flavor of another era. People earn a tough living from crabbing, which means 18-hour work days for six months of the year, and they still speak a heavily accented language that some scholars believe dates back to Elizabethan times. In 1987, Tom Horton, an environmental writer for the Baltimore Sun, moved with his family to this 300-year-old community. This thoughtful, well-written book is his record of the two years they spent there.

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