The Age of Nelson, The Royal Navy 1793-1815 Print
Title:      The Age of Nelson, The Royal Navy 1793-1815
BookID:      221
Authors:      Geoffrey Marcus
ISBN-10(13):      0670109657
Publisher:      Viking Adult
Edition:      First Edition
Number of pages:      532
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“This volume’s peculiar virtues are a wide conspectus based on original sources, whether English, French or Scandinavian, and the amount of space devoted to the war on trade.  Privateering and the development of the convoy system have been neglected aspects of naval history, with disastrous consequences in the twentieth century….One mush be grateful to an author who maintains such an admirable perspective over so wide a horizon and who emphasizes that what the war at sea was really about was the protection of trade and dull routine of convoy and blockage.”  The Economist.

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