The Sea Print
Title:      The Sea
BookID:      247
Authors:      Philip Plisson
ISBN-10(13):      0810935384
Publisher:      Harry N. Abrams
Number of pages:      424
Price:      42.00   USD
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Philip Plisson, the well-known French marine photographer, has turned his attention to his passion, the oceans of the world. Plisson's remarkable photographs glorify humankind's obsession with conquering the seas. His images capture the ocean's drama and power, and provide glimpses of life in seaside communities. The book also addresses the current environmental dangers that threaten the fragile ecological balance of the planet's waters.

A book for photography lovers, undersea adventurers, and those concerned with the future of the earth, this breathtaking volume celebrates-in 400 of Plisson's most evocative images-our never-ending fascination with the world's oceans and seas.

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