The Voyage of the Armada: The Spanish Story Print
Title:      The Voyage of the Armada: The Spanish Story
BookID:      304
Authors:      David Howarth
ISBN-10(13):      0670748285
Publisher:      The Viking Press
Edition:      First American Edition
Number of pages:      256
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Product Description
'Mr Howarth is a brilliant writer, full of grace and wit and solid common sense' - The New Yorker A reprint of a marvellous retelling of the Armada story. Until this book was published, the Battle of the Armada had been told primarily from the English viewpoint, the English victory puffed up into a national heroic tale which was far from the truth. There is another side to this story, however, and, basing his narrative on previously unexplored Spanish sources, David Howarth, brilliantly redressed the balance.
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