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  • 2014 Nomination page - archived

    Hall of Fame - Induction 2014
    Thank you for your interest in the 2014 National Sailing Hall of Fame. From this page, you can submit your nomination for a Candidate (or Candidates) for Induction into this year's Hall. The Induction Ceremony will be held on October 26 in Detroit, Michig...
  • BERWYN - Ralph Wiley 38' Sloop

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    BERWYN LOA: 38' Class/Type: Custom one-off Sloop Builder: Ralph Wiley Designer: Ralph Wiley Launch Date: 1952 Skipper: Carolyn Abernethy  ...
  • BLACK WATCH - 68' Sparkman & Stephens Yawl

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    BLACK WATCH LOA: 68' Class/Type: Yawl Builder: Henry B. Nevins yard, City Island Designer: Sparkman & Stephens Launch Date: 1938 Owner/Skipper: Trevor Fetter   BLACK WATCH, ex EDLU II, ex TABOR BOY, is S&S design number 218.  T...
  • COQUINA - Catboat Ketch

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    COQUINA LOA: 16' 8" Class/Type: Catboat ketch Builder: Robb & Nelson Designer: Herreshoff Launch Date: 2012 Skipper: Dennis Robb COQUINA is a boat built from an 1889 Herreshoff design. She was built using a combination of traditional and mode...
  • DONNYBROOK - 80' Custom Racing Sloop

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    DONNYBROOK LOA: 80' (LWL 70.6') Class/Type: Custom Racing Sloop 72 Builder: Launched by Dencho Marine Designer: Unknown Launch Date: Unknown Skipper: James Muldoon DONNYBROOK is a custom-built maxi racing sloop designed to get the job done...fast...
  • Education Sandbox

    Education - Education-general
    Welcome to the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame's Education Site This section of the website is constantly evolving - we will be adding to and enhancing these pages often, so please check back whenever you're looking for a way to incorporate Sa...
  • Education-archived

    Education - Education-general
    Welcome to the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame's Education Site The National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame is a non-profit educational institution. Our goal is to bring together educators from across the country to share resources and to use our...
  • ELF - '30-footer' Boston class cutter

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    ELF LOA: 68' (28' 8" LWL, 35' Length on Deck LOD) Class/Type: '30-footer' Boston class cutter Builder: George Lawley & Sons Designer: George Lawley Launch Date: 1888 Skipper: Rick Carrion ELF is an 1888 Lawley-built (Boston) ‘30-footer’ c...
  • GRIZZLY BEAR - Cutts & Case 33

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    GRIZZLY BEAR LOA: 33' Class/Type: Custom 33' Builder: Ed Cutts, Sr. Designer: Ed Cutts, Sr. Launch Date: 19XX Skipper: John Hedger  ...
  • HONALEE - Herreshoff Rozinante 28 ketch

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    HONALEE LOA: 28' Class/Type: Rozinante 28 ketch Builder:  Designer: L. Francis Herreshoff Launch Date: 1962 Skipper: Paul Miller HONALEE is a fine example of L. Francis Herreshoff's popular small cruising boat, one of the most admired boats of...

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    HOWARD BLACKBURN LOA: 57' Class/Type: Alden 57 Builder: Builder Name Designer: John Alden Launch Date: 1951 Skipper: Mark Roesner HOWARD BLACKBURN website. ...
  • HOWARD THORKILSON - Fjording 20

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    HOWARD THORKILSON LOA: 20' Class/Type: Fjording Builder: Chip Stulen Designer: Ben Main, Jr. Launch Date: 1982 Skipper: Howard Thorkilson  ...
  • KITTIWAKE - Custom 32'

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    KITTIWAKE LOA: 32' Class/Type: Custom Builder: Graves Designer: Ray Hunt Launch Date: 1947 Skipper: Stephan Abel  ...
  • Knot Quite Done - Cheoy Lee 35

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    KNOT QUITE DONE LOA: 35' Class/Type: Cheoy Lee 35' Builder: Cheoy Lee Designer: Arthur Robb...
  • LACERTA - Concordia 39' Yawl

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    LACERTA LOA: 39.83' Class/Type: Concordia 39 yawl Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen Designer: Ray Hunt Launch Date: 1956 Skipper: Mark Walter LACERTA is hull #44 of 103 Concordia yawls built between 1938 and 1966. It is believed that all 103 of th...
  • MISTRESS - Hoyt 76

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MISTRESS LOA: 76.5' Class/Type: Hoyt 76 Builder: Eastern Shipbuilding Designer: Hoyt Launch Date: 1930 Skipper: Glenn McCormick  ...
  • MORGAINE - 10' Acorn Dinghy

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MORGAINE LOA:  10'  Draft: 18.75" Class/Type:  10' Acorn Dinghy Builder:  Kristin White Designer:  Iain Oughtred Owner/Skipper:  Kristin White MORGAINE was built by the owner, while a college student, from a set of pl...
  • MUSTANG - Camper & Nicholson 83' maxi yacht

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MUSTANG LOA: 83' Class/Type: Maxi Builder: Southern Ocean Shipyard Designer: Camper & Nicholson Launch Date: 1987 Skipper: A vintage Whitbread Ocean Race yacht, MUSTANGhas been around the world six times. A rare combination of a Maxi ocean r...
  • MUSTANG - New York 32

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MUSTANG LOA: 32' Class/Type: New York 32 Class Builder: Olin Nevins Designer: Olin Stephens Launch Date: 1936 Skipper: Simon King In 1935, when the New York Yacht Club was looking for boats to replace the "Thirties" created by Herreshoff, their r...
  • MYRTEA - Cheoy Lee Bermuda 30

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MYRTEA LOA: 32' Class/Type: Bermuda 30 (Modified H-28) Builder: Cheoy Lee Shipyard, Hong Kong Designer: Cheoy Lee Launch Date: 1963 Skipper: Rob Rowlands Description of BOAT NAME. MYRTEA is a modified H-28 design, ketch-rigged, copper-riveted te...
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