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Mission Statement

The National Sailing Hall of Fame promotes sailing by preserving America’s sailing legacy and engages the next generation by sharing the benefits, excitement and beauty of sailing.


We envision an America where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can participate in sailing and fully appreciate the life lessons it offers.


We believe that sailing teaches critical life skills, including athleticism, teamwork, leadership, self-reliance and responsibility.

We believe what you see on the water will change the way you see life on land.

We believe people who don’t sail are missing something.

We believe we can change that.

Strategy Statement

The National Sailing Hall of Fame promotes sailing by recognizing its heroes; highlighting sailing’s contribution to the American culture and experience; and demonstrating its value as a hands-on tool for teaching math & science providing. NSHOF’s facility provides a home for sailing – a place where people can participate in on-the-water experiences and immerse themselves in sailing’s history, art and lore.

Public Support

The State of Maryland has provided the National Sailing Hall of Fame with 6,000 square-foot waterfront property and 300 feet of newly renovated dock space. The City of Annapolis has provided the riparian rights for 230 feet of newly renovated dock space, 5,000 square-feet of outdoor exhibition space, and $250,000.

Affiliations, Partners, Founding Members and Sponsors

  • NSHOF is affiliated with US Sailing.

  • NSHOF is a partner with the United States Naval Academy.

  • 44 yacht clubs from 20 states and 120 individuals are Founding Members.

  • Corporates sponsors include Rolex, Condé Nast, North Sails, Weems & Plath, Sailing World, Cruising World and UK-Halsey Sailmakers.


NSHOF is guided by a Board of Directors, Honorary Advisory Board and Youth Advisory Board.


A landmark building with 530 feet of docks on the Annapolis waterfront adjacent to the United States Naval Academy. A public face for sailing in the fourth largest marketplace in the country and facility that enables NSHOF programs and outreach. With additional support from the private and public sectors there is an opportunity for the enhancement of the facilities.


NSHOF identifies and recognizes the heroes of the sport who provide aspiration for young people beginning to sail. By recognizing individual career achievements, we make relevant and essential the value and sportsmanship sailing promotes.

Home for Sailing's Contribution to the
American Experience
and Culture

NSHOF provides a home for sailing that trumpets its achievements and inspires generations to excel on the water and serve the sport:

  • Exhibits and archives; Sailing in American Painting, Literature and Music

  • American Women in Sailing Story Project

  • Tom Morris Library –Including Walter Cronkite Sailing Books Collection

  • Yacht Club stories containing the rich history of American sailing

  • US sailing Lists: Herreshoff Awards, Rolex Yachtsman & Yachtswoman Awards, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Medalists

  • Online Film Library; North Sail's Fiftieth Anniversary, The Hooligan Navy, etc.


NSHOF develops rigorous academic programs that use sailing to teach math & science in schools across the country. Education program includes:

  • Distributing best practices and resources for teaching math and science through sailing

  • Created the National Learning Math & Science Consortium composed of 104 organizations

  • Developing Educator DigiKit that enables teachers to teach the physics, technology and engineering of sailing

On-Site Programs

  • Free sailing programs which serves as a model for free sailing programs nationwide

  • Founding Member Yacht Clubs rendezvous and cruises

  • Classic boat displays

  • Classic Wooden Boat rendezvous and Race

  • Wounded Warrior Sailing Squadron programming with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and United States Naval Academy


In cooperation with US Sailing (the national governing body of sailing in the United States) provide space and interactive exhibitions featuring the Rolex Yachtsmen of the Year, Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year, and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Sailors, as well as Herreshoff Trophy Winners.

U.S. Naval Academy:

In cooperation with the U.S. Naval Academy promote the Intercollegiate Sailing Hall of Fame, the Interscholastic Sailing Hall of Fame, U.S. Naval Academy Visitor Center, and U.S. Naval Academy Sailing.

In Association With:

Mystic Seaport Logo Mystic Seaport Museum:
In cooperation with Mystic Seaport Museum
Sailing World

Sailing World:
In cooperation with Sailing World provide space and interactive exhibitions featuring their Hall of Fame.
MD DNR logo Maryland Department of Natural Resources:
Working with the Maryland Department of  Natural Resources Eyes on the Bay Program and Education Programs, MyDNR and Bay Game.
View a short DNR film in our film library.
U.S. Sailboat Show

United States Yacht Shows:
Working with the United States Sailboat Show to promote sailing.

Honorary Advisory Board

Morgan Freeman Honorary Advisory Board Chair
Walter Cronkite Honorary Advisory Board Chair
(September 14, 2006 - July 17, 2009)
Betsy Alison
US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics
Hobie Alter
Hobie Designs, Inc.
Ed Baird Sailor
Janet Baxter US Sailing
Bill Buchan Sailor
John Burnham YachtWorld.com
Frank Butler Catalina Yachts
Paul Cayard Paul Cayard Sailing
Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report
Dave Curtis Sailor
Mason Chrisman Sailor
Dennis Conner Dennis Conner Sailing
Bruce Farr Farr Yacht Design
Gilbert M. Grosvenor National Geographic Society
Sally Helme The Sailing Company
Halsey C. Herreshoff Herreshoff Marine Museum
Stan Honey Sportvision
Terry Hutchinson Sailor
Bruce Kirby Bruce Kirby Marine
William I. Koch Oxbow Corporation
John Kostecki Sailor
Timmy Larr Sailor
Geoff Mason ESPN
Buddy Melges Melges Performance Sailboats
Lowell North North Sails
Bill Pinkney Author
Ken Read
Mark Reynolds Sailor
Dawn Riley Oakcliff Sailing Center
John Rousmaniere Author
Frank Savage Savage Holdings, LLC
Ted Turner
Turner Enterprises, Inc.
Stu Walker Sailor, Author

Board of Directors


Gary Jobson - President
Annapolis, MD
James P. Muldoon - Vice President
Washington, D.C.
Douglas L. Lashley – Secretary/Treasurer
Annapolis, MD
Scott Allan
Annapolis, MD
Sydney McNiff Johnson
Washington, D.C.
John S. Beale
Chevy Chase, MD
Philip A. Lotz
New York, NY
Arthur A. Birney
Washington, D.C.
Russell Lucas
Red Bank, NJ
Bill Campbell
San Diego, CA
Byron F. Marchant
Washington, D.C.
Gustav Carlson
Bedford, NY
Bruce Munro
San Francisco, CA
Dayton T. Carr
New York, NY
Christopher L. Otorowski
Seattle, WA
Posie Constable
New York, NY / Nantucket, MA
Ewell C. Potts, III
New Orleans, LA
Douglas Croker
Easton, MD
William Torgerson
Washington, D.C.
C. Richard D’Amato
Annapolis, MD
Charles H. Townsend
New York, NY / Newport, RI
Dick Franyo
Annapolis, MD
W. Crayton Walters III
Charleston, SC
George R. Hinman, Jr.
New York, NY
Tom Whidden
Milford, CT
Reza Jafari
Ex Officio: Josh Cohen
Mayor of Annapolis

Youth Advisory Board

Chrissy Coolidge -- Chair
Menlo Park, CA
Sally Barkow
Nashotah, WI
Allen H. Breed
Boston, MA
Andrew Campbell
San Diego, CA
Debbie Capozzi
Bayport, NY
Nathaniel Clapp
Chicago, IL
Amanda Clark
Shelter Island, NY
Blythe Daly
New York, NY
Hilary Burt Davidson
New York, NY
Alton J. Evans
Red Bank, NJ
Charlotte Ferguson
San Francisco, CA
Anna Tunnicliffe Funk
Plantation, FL
Liz Hall Gaston
Apex, NC
Farrah Hall
Annapolis, MD
Kurt Kalberer
Newport, RI
Cindy Keppel
San Francisco, CA
Alice Manard Leonard
East Haven, CT
Duncan Megroz
San Francisco, CA
Trevor Oakley Moore
Naples, FL
Matthew H. Parker
Providence, RI
Paige Railey
Clearwater, FL
Zach Railey
Clearwater, FL
Antoine Savage
New York, NY
John Stakes
New York, NY
Erik Storck
Huntington, NY
Emily Taylor
Nantucket, MA
Genny Tulloch
Sausalito, CA
Molly O'Bryan Vandemoer
Stanford, CA
RJ Wolney
Chicago, IL


Lee Tawney
Executive Director
Sandy Sloan
Administrative Assistant
Geoff Cuneo
Education Associate
Dan Walker, COREndurance
Web, Video & Social Media Development
Kim Tobin, Eastport Graphic DesignDesigner


Maria Museler
Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race
Tom Morris Library
Lewis Peach
Center for Innovation in the Art & Science of Sailing
Paul Bollinger
Wounded Warrior Sailing Squadron
Tom Price, Amy Teeling & Pat Teeling, Holly Vrotsos
BULL & BEAR Sailing
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