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BERWYN - Ralph Wiley 38' Sloop | Print |


BerwynLOA: 38'
Class/Type: Custom one-off Sloop
Builder: Ralph Wiley
Designer: Ralph Wiley
Launch Date: 1952
Skipper: Carolyn Abernethy


BULL & BEAR - Replica 1860s "Sandbaggers" | Print |


bullbeardoc-thmbLOA: 55' (28' LOD)
Class/Type: Sandbagger
Independence Seaport Museum Workshop
Designer: Tom Brady
Launch Date: 1995 & 1996
Various Volunteer Skippers

Sandbagger sloops were popular work boats in the 19th century which were also sailed for pleasure. A decendant of shoal-draft sloops used in oyster fishing the shallow waters of New York Bay, they ranged anywhere from 20 to 30 feet in in length, but had sail areas that were significantly disproprortionate to their size. They were the extreme sailboats of their day, with a sailplan that was twice as long as their hull length. Because they were so shallow, all sandbaggers have very large centerboards which can be raised and lowered.

bullbearmusic-thmbWhile working, crews of 10 or more men would use their catch as ballast, moving it from one side to the other when tacking. It has been said that the first boat to get their catch to market got the best price, so a race ensued daily. People at the dock started placing bets on which boat would get home first. This evolved into sport, and instead of bags filled with oysters they used bags of sand, thus the name, sandbaggers. Actually it is said they used gravel so that the bags would not retain too much water.

From the 1860s to the 1890s sandbagger racing was a very popular sport from New York down the Atlantic coast and up to New Orleans, and also on the West coast in San Francisco. The exciting challenges would have watermen and amateur sailors racing for crowds of betting spectators. With few rules, sandbagger racing was always exciting. Stories have been told of sandbagger crews throwing extra sandbags into the water in light air to gain a bit more speed, along with the occassional extra crewmember!

BULL and BEAR are modern reproductions of sandbaggers based on ANNIE, a sandbagger with a winning history launched in 1880 and raced in Georgia, Florida and Long Island Sound. Over 130 years later, ANNIE is still around, on display at Mystic Seaport Museum.

BULL and BEAR feature shorter spars with less sail area than the original in order to increase stability, so they can be comfortably used for a variety of community, group and educational sails by NSHOF. Watertight compartments and other features further increase their safety. While the hulls are wood fastened with bronze, the spars are made of carbon fiber wrapped in wood, which significantly reduces weight aloft while maintaining authenticity. 

Click here to watch a short documentary about BULL and BEAR.

ELF - '30-footer' Boston class cutter | Print |


01-NSHOF ElfLOA: 68' (28' 8" LWL, 35' Length on Deck LOD)
Class/Type: '30-footer' Boston class cutter
Builder: George Lawley & Sons
Designer: George Lawley
Launch Date: 1888
Skipper: Rick Carrion

ELF is an 1888 Lawley-built (Boston) ‘30-footer’ class cutter and has been a continuous part of American maritime culture for more than a century. She was built by George Lawley & Sons for a Mr. William H. Wilkinson in 1888 as a state-of-the-art racing yacht. ELF was built at a cost of $3,500 more than 125 years ago. Today she is on the National Register of Historic Places.

ELF sported a topsail that reached 68' 6" into the air to grab every bit of wind available, and like other racing vessels of her day, her lines and rigging were adapted and innovated from successful merchant ship designs. Following a lively career as a gaff topsail cutter rigged racing yacht, Elf pioneered off-shore yacht cruising in 1893, by being the first small craft to successfully cruise round-trip from Marblehead, Massachusetts to Halifax, Nova Scotia, an achievement documented by Henry Howard in his 1946 autobiography.

The current owner acquired the boat in 1971 is a somewhat dilapidated condition, and set out on a multi-decade effort to bring her back to her original glory. Today, ELF participates frequently in NSHOF sailing activities, including our educational programs to teach children math and science through sailing.

Click here to visit ELF's website at the Classic Yacht Restoration Guild, with her complete story and several photos.

HONALEE - Herreshoff Rozinante 28 ketch | Print |


honaleeLOA: 28'
Class/Type: Rozinante 28 ketch
Designer: L. Francis Herreshoff
Launch Date: 1962
Skipper: Paul Miller

HONALEE is a fine example of L. Francis Herreshoff's popular small cruising boat, one of the most admired boats of all time. Based on a canoe hull, she is intended to be rowed with the wind is lacking, although with her relatively light displacement and large rig, she can move spritely in light air.

LACERTA - Concordia 39' Yawl | Print |


Lacerta - Concordia yawlLOA: 39.83'
Class/Type: Concordia 39 yawl
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
Designer: Ray Hunt
Launch Date: 1956
Skipper: Mark Walter

LACERTA is hull #44 of 103 Concordia yawls built between 1938 and 1966. It is believed that all 103 of these boats are still in use or in refit for use. LACERTA has been owned by the Walter family since 2009. She participates in many Chesapeake Bay races and CTSA events, and has sailed as far North as Labrador. She resides in Annapolis.

Click here for more information on LACERTA.

MORGAINE - 10' Acorn Dinghy | Print |


LOA:  10'  Draft: 18.75"
Class/Type:  10' Acorn Dinghy
Builder:  Kristin White
Designer:  Iain Oughtred
Owner/Skipper:  Kristin White

MORGAINE was built by the owner, while a college student, from a set of plans from Wooden Boat Magazine. She is a great rowing and sailing dinghy which the owner uses as a tender for her Pearson Triton.

MYRTEA - Cheoy Lee Bermuda 30 | Print |


myrtea-cheoylee30LOA: 32'
Class/Type: Bermuda 30 (Modified H-28)
Builder: Cheoy Lee Shipyard, Hong Kong
Designer: Cheoy Lee
Launch Date: 1963
Skipper: Rob Rowlands

Description of BOAT NAME.

MYRTEA is a modified H-28 design, ketch-rigged, copper-riveted teak planking over iroko frames, featuring an ironwood keel, cast iron keel ballast, and a Volvo MD2 auxiliary.

Commissioned in Dartmouth, England. Completed a trans-Atlantic voyage in 1985.
Custom bowsprit and pulpit installed 1986.

SASHAY - Star Class | Print |


Star Class boatLOA: 22.8'
Class/Type: Star Class
Builder: Lippincott
Designer: Francis Sweisguth
Launch Date: 1956
Skipper: Elliott Oldak

The Star Class sailboat is a two-person racing keelboat that was an Olympic-class boat from 1932 through 2012. Actively sailed worldwide, the Star Class recently celebrated its centennial.

More info on the history of the Star Class is available here.

SPELLBOUND - Cutts and Case 47 | Print |


SpellboundLOA: 47'
Class/Type: Custom Yacht
Builder: Cutts and Case
Designer: Ed Cutts, Sr.
Launch Date: 1970
Skipper: Edmund Cutts, Jr.


TROUT - Star | Print |


TroutLOA: 22.7'
Class/Type: Star
Builder: Tom Gahs
Francis Sweisguth
Launch Date: 1968
Skipper: Tom Gahs

The Star Class was first designed and developed in 1911. This class continues to be built and raced today. TROUT is a wooden Star class boat built by the owner, Tom Gahs (talkgahs @ comcast.net).

To learn more about the STAR Class visit: www.starclass.org


WITCHCRAFT - Lawley Racing Yacht | Print |


WitchcraftLOA: 65'
Class/Type: Custom Racing Sloop
Builder: Lawley
Designer: Crowninshield
Launch Date: 1903
Owners: Mr. & Mrs. David S. Butler
Skipper: Paul Itzel

Restored by Paul Itzel, WITCHCRAFT is a 1902 racing yacht built to campaign on Lake Champlain. Paul Itzel found her rotting away in a canal in 1970, and succumbed to her spell, he devoted several years of his life to bringing her back to her glory days. She now casts her spells on the waters of Chesapeake Bay.

Click here to visit the WITCHCRAFT website, with the complete story and several photos.


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