The Walter Cronkite Collection: St Andrews and the Islands
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Title:      St Andrews and the Islands
Categories:      The Walter Cronkite Collection
BookID:      359
Authors:      Ronald Rees, Tom Moffatt
ISBN-10(13):      1551091151
Publisher:      Nimbus Pub Ltd
Edition:      illustrated edition
Number of pages:      149
Language:      Not specified
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

Although straddling an international boundary, St. Andrews and the neighboring islands of Dee Island, Moose Island or Eastport, Compobello, and Grand Manan, share a cultural and social history that is an unusual blend of New England charm and Maritime hospitality.  In this highly informative book, author Ronald Rees offers a tour of this unusual archipelago, from the first settlers and their economic mainstays of trade and fish, through the years of the tourist trade industry and finally, to the aquaculture and marine environment of today.

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