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Governance & Board of Directors

We are Sailors

We believe in the road less traveled, even if it isn’t a road at all.

We believe getting there isn’t half the fun; it’s all the fun.
We believe we could get where we’re going faster, but we wouldn’t be better when we got there.
We believe anything worth doing well isn’t for everyone.
We believe being different makes all the difference.
Pushing the limit is the norm, not the exception. 
And speaking another language brings us together – and yet sets us apart.
We believe that confidence is the true measure of wealth.
We believe the sea is fickle soul who will earn your respect.
We believe the stars in the night sky are there for a reason.
We believe what you see on the water will change the way you see life on land.
We believe people who don’t sail are missing something. 
We believe we can change that.
We are sailors.  Join us.


Office and Operations

Lee Tawney

    Executive Director  

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  Office Manager  
Dan Walker

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  Administrative Assistant  
Sam Healy

   Gowrie Group Yacht Club Stories Project Coordinator  


Maria Museler

  Classic Wooden Sailboat Rendezvous & Race 
Tom Morris Library

Les Spanheimer

  Recovering Warrior Sailing Squadron  
Paul Bollinger
  Annapolis Recovering Warrior Regatta

Mitch Shivers
  Bay Head Yacht Club 
Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta

Tom Gahs
Tom Price
Bill Hyland
and the Friends of Bull & Bear
  BULL & BEAR Free Sailing Program  

Honorary Advisory Board

Walter Cronkite
  Honorary Advisory Board Chair
(September 14, 2006 - July 17, 2009)

Betsy Alison   US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics
Harry Anderson   Sailor
Ed Baird   Sailor
Janet Baxter   US Sailing
Bill Buchan   Sailor
John Burnham   YachtWorld.com
Malin Burnham   Sailor
Frank Butler   Catalina Yachts
Paul Cayard   Paul Cayard Sailing
Stephen Colbert   The Late Show
Steve Colgate   Offshore Sailing
Dave Curtis   Sailor
Mason Chrisman   Sailor
Dennis Conner   Dennis Conner Sailing
Bruce Farr   Farr Yacht Design
J.J. Fetter   Sailor
Paul Foerster   Sailor
Gilbert M. Grosvenor   National Geographic Society
Olaf Harken   Harken, Inc.
Peter Harken   Harken, Inc.
Sally Helme   The Sailing Company
Halsey C. Herreshoff   Herreshoff Marine Museum
Stan Honey   Sportvision
Terry Hutchinson   Sailor
Bob Johnstone   Sailor
Rod Johnstone   Sailor
Bruce Kirby   Bruce Kirby Marine
William I. Koch   Oxbow Corporation
John Kostecki   Sailor
Timmy Larr   Sailor
Geoff Mason   ESPN
Buddy Melges   Melges Performance Sailboats
Lowell North   North Sails
Bill Pinkney   Author
Ken Read   Sailor
Mark Reynolds   Sailor
Dawn Riley   Oakcliff Sailing Center
John Rousmaniere   Author
Frank Savage   Savage Holdings, LLC
Ted Turner   Turner Enterprises, Inc.
Dave Ullman   Ullman Sails
Stu Walker   Sailor, Author 


Board of Directors   

Gary Jobson President
Annapolis, MD
    David K. Elwell, Jr.
Newport, RI / Vero Beach, FL
James P. Muldoon – Vice President
Washington, D.C.
  Dick Franyo
Annapolis, MD
Douglas L. Lashley – Secretary
Severna Park, MD
  David G. Houck
Annapolis, MD
J. Taran Teague – Treasurer
Annapolis, MD
  Reza Jafari
Annapolis, MD
Scott Allan
Annapolis, MD
  Patrice "Trice" Kilroy
Jamestown, RI
Arthur A. "Lex" Birney
Washington, D.C.
  Philip A. Lotz
Newport, RI / Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bruce J. Burton
Detroit, MI
  Russell J. Lucas
Red Bank, NJ
William Campbell
San Diego, CA
  Byron F. Marchant
Annapolis, MD
Gustav "Gus" Carlson
Greenwich, CT
  Christopher L. Otorowski
Seattle, WA
Dayton T. Carr
New York, NY / Newport, RI
  Ewell C. Potts, III
New Orleans, LA
Francis "Posie" Constable
New York, NY / Nantucket, MA
  Andrew S. Rose
Newport Beach, CA
C. Richard D’Amato
Annapolis, MD
  W. Crayton Walters III
Charleston, SC
Tarasa Davis
Atlanta, GA, Big Sur, CA
  Tom Whidden
Milford, CT
Ex Officio:    
Bruce Burton
President, US Sailing

Board Emeritus

  * Deceased
Gregory H. Barnhill *    
John S. Beale    
Mason R. Chrisman    
Steve Colgate    
George R. Hinman, Jr.    
Thomas P. Hubbell    
Sydney Johnson    
Bruce Munro    
H.P. (Sandy) Purdon    
William Torgerson    

Youth Advisory Board  

Sally Barkow
Nashotah, WI
  Rome Kirby
Newport, RI
Allen H. Breed
Boston, MA
  Alice Manard Leonard
East Haven, CT
Andrew Campbell
San Diego, CA
  Duncan Megroz
San Francisco, CA
Nathaniel Clapp
Chicago, IL
  Molly O'Bryan Vandemoer
Stanford, CA
Debbie Capozzi
Bayport, NY
  Matthew H. Parker
Providence, RI
Amanda Clark
Shelter Island, NY
  Paige Railey
Clearwater, FL
Chrissy Coolidge - Chair
Menlo Park, CA
  Zach Railey
Clearwater, FL
Blythe Daly
New York, NY
  Stephanie Roble
East Troy, WI
Hilary Burt Davidson
New York, NY
  Antoine Savage
New York, NY
Alton J. Evans
Red Bank, NJ
  John Stakes
New York, NY
Charlotte Ferguson
San Francisco, CA
  Erik Storck
Huntington, NY
Liz Hall Gaston
Apex, NC
  Emily Taylor
Nantucket, MA
Farrah Hall
Annapolis, MD
  Genny Tulloch
Sausalito, CA
Kurt Kalberer
Newport, RI
  Anna Tunnicliffe
Plantation, FL
Cindy Keppel
San Francisco, CA
  RJ Wolney
Chicago, IL
Louisa Chafee
Warwick, RI


Public Support

  • The State of Maryland has provided the National Sailing Hall of Fame with 6,000 square-foot waterfront property and 300 feet of newly renovated dock space. The City of Annapolis has provided the riparian rights for 230 feet of newly renovated dock space, 5,000 square-feet of outdoor exhibition space, and $250,000.




  • NSHOF is a partner with the United States Naval Academy.

  • NSHOF is partnered with The Gowrie Group to preserve America’s sailing legacy by gathering the stories that yacht clubs and sailing organizations have to tell, and presenting them to the public in digital and print formats for future generations to enjoy. Visit our Sailing Stories page to learn more.







Mission Statement

The National Sailing Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that promotes sailing by preserving America’s sailing legacy and engages the next generation by sharing the benefits, excitement and beauty of sailing.


We envision an America where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can participate in sailing and fully appreciate the life lessons it offers.


We believe that sailing teaches critical life skills, including athleticism, teamwork, leadership, self-reliance and responsibility.
We believe what you see on the water will change the way you see life on land.
We believe people who don’t sail are missing something.
We believe we can change that.

Strategy Statement

The National Sailing Hall of Fame promotes sailing by recognizing its heroes; highlighting sailing’s contribution to the American culture and experience; and demonstrating its value as a hands-on tool for teaching math & science.
NSHOF’s facility provides a home for American sailing – a place where people can participate in on-the-water experiences and immerse themselves in sailing’s history, art and lore.

2012 Induction Weekend

October 13-14 Southern Yacht Club

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2014 Induction Weekend

September 27-28 Bayview & Detroit Yacht Clubs

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Preserving America's Sailing Legacy      Engaging Sailing's Next Generation 

The Hall of Fame

By identifying and recognizing individual career achievements we make relevant and essential the character building values and sportsmanship that sailing promotes. Sailing now has a home for its American sailing heroes. Enter the National Sailing Hall of Fame

Sailing in the American Experience

America was shaped by explorers racing to get here, men-of-war racing to Her defense, clipper ships racing their products to port, waterman racing their catch to market, and modern racing competitors representing the USA. Sailing is inextricably linked to American culture — in its art, literature, history, music and film. Experience sailing'S contribution to our culture  

Featured Exhibit

Sailing Covers from THE NEW YORKER Magazine — A virtual exhibit featuring over a century of American Sailing as illustrated by the cover artists for this icon of American journalism.

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Hall of Famers Youth PanelAired Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017

Watch This Short Video

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Make a life gift to help permanently preserve
America's sailing legacy and engage the next generation.

Possibly the largest charitable contribution most people will make in their lifetimes will be establishing an estate gift (or a “planned gift”) to benefit a charity. Through an estate gift, you might very well be able to give what is referred to as a “transformational gift“ to the charity of your choice – a gift that could have a transformational impact upon that charity. An estate gift to the National Sailing Hall of Fame could potentially dramatically increase the size, scope and impact of the programs that recognize and preserve America’s sailing legacy and that engage sailing’s next generation for many years into the future. A gift such as this would become a donor’s permanent legacy. You may even direct that your estate gift be used to establish a special fund named in honor of a loved one or someone that was influential in your life. This type of permanent legacy is why the National Sailing Hall of Fame has established its Planned Giving Society to recognize and honor these gifts.

The Planned Giving Society

The National Sailing Hall of Fame has established its Planned Giving Society to recognize these special kinds of gifts, when two such gifts were established. The Society acknowledges those people who have provided for the National Sailing Hall of Fame through provisions in their estate plans, in any form or amount. Recognition in the Planned Giving Society will be on a permanent plaque at the National Sailing Hall of Fame, and may also eventually include: an annual luncheon program, a special newsletter, and engraved commemorative lapel pins.

The charter members of the National Sailing Hall of Fame’s Planned Giving Society are:

  • Walter L. Cronkite
  • Douglas L. Lashley

Each of these individuals named the National Sailing Hall of Fame as a beneficiary in their estate plan.

Types of Estate Gifts

There are four basic types of estate gifts. They are bequests, charitable trusts, retirement plans, and life insurance . In each case, one of the first steps is naming the National Sailing Hall of Fame as a beneficiary. Below we have described the most common type of estate gift—a Bequest.


A bequest is the simplest form of an estate gift. You can make a bequest by preparing a new will or by adding a codicil to your present will. An outright bequest is fully tax-deductible for estate-tax purposes. Below are brief descriptions of the most common types of bequests. You may arrange for the National Sailing Hall of Fame to receive a specific dollar amount, a percentage, specified assets, such as securities, real estate, or tangible personal property, all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations (a residuary bequest).

A Specific Bequest is when you designate a specific portion of your estate or a specific asset. “I give, devise, and bequeath X percent of the assets of my estate to the...” or “I give, devise, and bequeath $ X…” or “I give, devise, and bequeath X, Y or Z (asset or personal property),

A Residuary Bequest is when you designate the remainder of your estate. “I give, devise, and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to the...”


There are many types of trusts. Trusts are typically established to provide a charitable deduction and fixed income to a donor/investor during his or her lifetime. A trust should be set up in consultation with your attorney, your tax planning professional, and your financial advisor. Here are the three most common.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts pay income to the donor as a fixed dollar amount that remains constant for the term of the trust, and the remaining assets pass on to the beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts pay income to the donor that varies from year to year depending upon investment returns, and the remaining assets pass on to the beneficiary.

At the termination of the trust, the remaining assets pass to the National Sailing Hall of Fame for its general purposes or for the use you specify. A charitable deduction for a portion of your contribution is available on your income tax return in the year you make the gift.

Charitable Lead Trusts provides income to the National Sailing Hall of Fame for a period of years, after which the trust property typically passes to the donor's heirs.

Life Insurance

You simply make the National Sailing Hall of Fame the beneficiary of a policy.

Retirement Assets

Retirement account assets, if left to anyone other than a spouse, may be subject to very high taxation. However, by designating the National Sailing Hall of Fame as recipient of any benefits remaining in your retirement plan, you may effectively reduce the estate taxes on those assets.

For Further Information

We are available to provide you with more detailed information on all these types of estate gifts and how to proceed, as well as providing the basic information your attorney or tax planning advisor will need to set up one of these instruments.

If you would like more information about making an estate gift to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, or if you have already provided for the NSHOF in your estate plans, please call us toll-free at 877.295.3022 and ask to speak with Lee Tawney.

Additionally, current members of the National Sailing Hall of Fame Planned Giving Society are willing to make themselves available to discuss with your the basics of their estate gifts and share their perspectives and insights.






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Phone: 410.295.3022 Toll-Free: 877.295.3022
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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